ApostropheCMS is the most modern and user friendly content management platform built for the enterprise. Content and marketing teams love Apostrophe because of its robust feature set and intuitive in-context editing experience. Web developers love Apostrophe because of its modern technology stack and the vibrant open-source ecosystem that it’s a part of. It is engineered with the future of the web in mind - fast loading, highly customizable and open source. It has been adopted by companies around the world such as Michelin and Kimpton.

It is the first tool of its kind to be built almost entirely with JavaScript and open-sourced, and our special blend of technology and design philosophies is pushing us to expand our team as we move into new markets.

You will be working with a fast-growing, thoughtful team in a challenging, fast-paced, and fun work environment. You’ll be given large amounts of job responsibilities and the chance to make an impact through your work. The position is location-independent.

We’re looking for great people to help us grow as we pursue these new opportunities. We strongly encourage qualified applicants from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

As the Marketing Manager at Apostrophe, you will be focussed on helping us scale by increasing our reach, generating leads, and helping us sell our world-class content management system to innovative start-ups, universities, Fortune 500 companies and more.

You will help grow sales and adoption with a content marketing strategy, marketing campaign build-outs (including email, LinkedIn, webinars, live events and more). You will help us grow by attracting leads and supporting our sales team with sales enablement marketing collateral. You will be expected to both create strategy and do the work to implement it. You will wear many hats.

You will be the primary driver of our marketing and will have significant responsibility in executing marketing campaigns. In this role, you will have the support of the co-founders and be working closely with a tight-knit team who are all aligned to grow Apostrophe and have specific 90 day and 2 year goals we are all working towards.

As our marketing manager, you will be doing the following:

  • Manage and scale the current digital products and public launches from beginning to end. We are creating SOPs for these, and we need you to re-launch our campaigns and improve them each launch.
  • Find new ways to leverage existing content and increase offers to customer base. This means having a desire to know the pains of our market, so you can help us solve them.
  • Create and fine-tune direct response marketing campaigns. We want to know explicitly which email campaigns convert prospects to leads, then improve our poor-performing campaigns to generate more transformation and sales. We’re using Hubspot and Google Analytics.
  • Schedule out timelines of project and ensure execution with the help of the team.
  • Work closely with our internal team on launch strategy of marketing campaigns. You will have the support of great developers, a seasoned designer, and a content writer.
  • Improve and set up sales funnels on our site and with Hubspot. You don’t need to be a programmer, but you need to become proficient with the click-to-build features of both services. We will get you started, but we know you might need to put time in to understand our tools.
  • Research competitors and aggregate best practices and recommendations.
  • Help build out and manage a marketing team. Our goal is to grow this team and you will play a big role in how we do that.

This is a unique opportunity for the type of person who loves digital marketing, enjoys the hard work and rewards of being part of Apostrophe at this early point in our history, and has a thirst for professional growth.

Suggested expertise and experience

  • Be results oriented. If you don’t produce results, you’re unlikely a fit for our team. This means generating revenue for our business.
  • Be extremely good at digital marketing and direct response marketing.
  • You can write sales copy that is persuasive.
  • You’ve constructed at least one successful sales funnel and can share the results you’ve generated.
  • You are able to backup your marketing genius with real math and metrics week to week.
  • Have a system for tracking the most relevant KPIs.
  • Tech savvy and proficient in online apps and tools required to run an online business.

Working With Apostrophe

  • Work remotely – our team is based in Philadelphia with team members already across the U.S. and in Europe. We’re growing remotely to be able to tap into the global open-source community.
  • Join us at the ground floor – since we are a new company, this is a unique opportunity to grow with us and be a part of shaping our culture and processes.
  • Support open-source – our product and company DNA is rooted in the values of open-source and we've been active in the community for years.
  • Collaborate with amazingly talented and dedicated people – be part of a veteran team that's passionate about what we're doing and loves working together to build great software.

If you would like to join this growing team, we’d love to hear from you!

Once again, we strongly encourage qualified applicants from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.